Weekly Option Income Academy

$997.00 USD

Module 1 – Option Basics

(My Portfolio, Why Options, How to Value Options and 8 More Videos)


Module 2 – Stocks & Portfolio Management

(Charting, Indicators, Entry Points, Exit Points, Risk Management and 3 More Videos)


Module 3 – Call Options

(Visualizing Calls, Payoffs, Examples, Analysis and 5 More Videos)


Module 4 – The Greeks

(Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho) Module


Module 5 – Making Income Selling Options

(Examples, Advanced Exit Strategy, Opening Positions, Rolling Options and 3 More Videos)


Module 6 – Puts

(Examples, Advanced Entry Strategy, Warren Buffet Secrets, Finding High Free Cash Flow Stocks and 3 More Videos)


Module 7 – My Ultimate Cash Machine Strategy

(How I make Money)


Module 8 – Bonus FREE Module For First Launch ONLY

(How I turn Small Accounts into Big Ones with Spreads)

This will only be available for a limited time before becoming an add-on.

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